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Relax Hangout with Covered Area

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Relax Hangout with Covered Area

Relax Hangout with Covered Area

The design- Relax Hangout with covered area

Our Relax Hangout with covered area are an ideal addition to any garden space, stylish, contemporary, and high quality. Each one comes in 3 available colours Redwood , Whiskey or Cedar. Veranda Monkey Hangouts are designed to bring something to the table for everyone, be it a place to do what you love (in comfort no matter what time of year) or a unique workspace to ensure you have an environment to encourage productivity. The high customizability of each design in the range means that we can provide you with an affordable product that still caters to your individual needs.

Spacious Interior Depicted

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Relax Hangouts with covered areas we recognise that there is enough space to create internal walls and partitions. If you are looking to say, separate a bedroom and or a toilet space with our modular system we can add internal walls as an optional chargeable extra.

If you really are looking for something special , you can switch over to the our Pod configurator, which allows you to design your own pods in a range of different colours than the normal three and arrange windows and doors to really make your pod design your own. Our configurator is the best on the market . It also allows you to add matching clad canopies and roof over hangs.

So whats different about a Veranda Monkey Hangout ?

Every Veranda Monkey Hangout is built using the PODLOCK panel system enabling hangouts to be delivered with the external cladding already on. As our panels are already pre-fabricated its just a simple drop and slide to join two panels together. For instance

Make your Hangout your own-

All Hangouts are built for each individual , so if you have your own style you can own it by adding some extra flare in the form of an additional window that can help open up your space. Let the light in with an extra window, and if you feel like it you can even let the air in too by adding a window with an opening vent to keep your Hangout from getting stuffy.
With our modular build system you can add windows and doors where ever you like as long as the design and the size allows

hobby hangout single windowSide Window Fixed
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Hangout Sizes

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The Cladding-

External design, timber choices.

All of our buildings allow you to make them your own. The cladding you choose will make a statement and create the overall feel of your space.

Although we only show 3 natural cladding types redwood, whiskey and cedar we have over 20 in our range. If you wish to see these go to the design my own garden building and you will be able to see the full range of different cladding we offer

The Cladding-

All of our cladding comes from sustainable wood sources with an FSE certificate. This wood is managed responsibly. It is socially beneficial to the surrounding communities and both economically and environmentally viable.

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The Structure

Unlike most garden buildings we start with a metal base and insulation. The make of our wall and floor construction can be found here

The Floor

Our floor can be levelled up to 60mm and sit on any concrete structure

Speed of build-

With minimal base requirements our Hobby Hangouts can be easily constructed and watertight in just a few hours. All our buildings come with all the fixings, sealants and roofing materials delivered to your door.
Our average build time is around 3-4 days from start to finish but this depends on the size of the building.

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